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China: The Race to Market
by Jonathan Story (Author)

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From the Back Cover

China is rapidly becoming the world’s next economic giant: by some estimates, the Chinese economy could overtake the US by 2030. Is this truly likely? Or will internal political and cultural obstacles lead the Chinese market economy to fail, causing massive losses for unwary investors? In China: The Race to Market, a leading expert in assessing investment risks in China offers a comprehensive briefing on what to expect-and what to watch out for. Jonathan Story covers all the forces shaping China’s future, offering essential historical and economic context, and showing investors how to shape strategies that maximize opportunity and minimize risk. He addresses a wide range of issues, including: the impact of China’s entry into the World Trade Organization; the state-market relationship; the outlook for internal reform and transparency; brand-new rules permitting majority foreign ownership; Sino-American relations, and much more. He also drills down to key industries-including telecommunications, finance, and the automotive industry-showing how these industries are evolving from the viewpoint of Western companies, Chinese competitors, and government authorities alike. From start to finish, China: The Race to Market offers intelligent solutions for Western business people seeking long-term success in China’s complex and fast-changing environment.

About the Author

Jonathan Story, Professor of International Political Economy at INSEAD, is Shell Fellow in Economic Transformation. His areas of interest include globalization, comparative business systems, and global economic transformation. He has consulted with many global companies, including IBM, Eastman Kodak, Dresdner Bank, Ericsson, and ABB. He is author of The Frontiers of Fortune (Financial Times), and creator of The Story Country Political and Risk Assessment, a powerful software tool for comparing risks associated with diverse locations. He holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University (School of Advanced International Studies).