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China Streetsmart: What You MUST Know to be Effective and Profitable in China (Paperback)
by John Chan (Author)

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Book Description

Learn how to set up and run profitable businesses in the most alluring market, China.

  • Stays away from theories and focuses on practical advice from real professionals with proven results in China, which is easy to understand and follow.
  • Learn from the best practices of effective China business executives.

This book is written for professionals by professionals who have worked in China for decades. The book does not stress theory about how business should be done but rather how business is done by some of the most successful business executives in China. The objective of the book is to pass on practical advice on how to be effective and more importantly, profitable in China.

Almost every foreign company has made mistakes in China and it is the objective of the book to not only show new investors how past mistakes can be prevented but also to help those already in the market learn how other executives handle similar challenges. Real life case studies are also explored in-depth to give investors a better understanding of the challenges one can expect to face and more importantly a way to resolve them.

China Streetsmart also examines China’s outlook to give the investor a balanced view that the attractive opportunities WTO offers must be juxtaposed with the critical challenges such as how to tackle growing unemployment and pervasive corruption. Streetsmart investors are cautious optimists and within every risk there are also great opportunities to be capitalized on. The benefits of investing in China are real. The critical question is not whether one should invest in China but rather how. This book will show you the way.

About the Author

John Chan has been working in the marketing, sales and business development fields since 1987. He receives a Joint Specialist Degree in Political Economy specializing in the political economy of China. In 1993, he moved to China where he spent his first two years as a consultant helping Western companies enter the China market before joining Foster’s Brewing Group where he managed over a hundred staff at all Foster’s breweries in China. In 2000, he moved to Hong Kong to take over the marketing of Asia online responsible for China. He is now a full time consultant.