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China Business Guide 2005: The Definitive Guide to Doing Business in China (China Economic Review) (Paperback)
by Graham Earnshaw (Editor)

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Book Description

Here in one compact guidebook are an astounding number of facts, figures, overviews, foreign investment reports, analyses and expert reports, maps, and data – all of which will be of immense assistance to those planning to do business in China, travel to China, or set up permanent residence in this dynamic nation. The Guide provides industry overviews, travel tips, information about setting up a business, moving to China, consumer trends, finance, technology, taxes, laws, and foreign investment guidelines.

Here is a detailed table of contents:

INTRODUCTION Historical overview. China’s dynasties. Post-1949 timeline. Economic overview. Stock market. Timeline China fact file. Administrative regions of China. China map.

CHINA INDUSTRY OVERVIEWS Agriculture. Autos. Aviation. Banking. Cement. Chemicals. Electronics. Energy. Insurance. Logistics. Real estate. Retail. Semiconductors. Steel. Telecommunications. Textiles. Tourism and travel.

TRAVEL TIPS Holidays. Climate. Visas. Currency. Money matters. Telephones. Getting online. Electricity. Getting around. Air travel. Hotels. Shopping. Dining etiquette. Drinking and smoking. Health safety. Business issues.

From the Publisher

MOVING TO CHINA Registration. Finding a place to live. Relocation services. Getting settled. Daily needs. Schools and education.

SETTING UP A BUSINESS Options. Registering a company. Finding staff. Finding an office. Serviced offices. Accounting firms. Law firms. Business associations. Logistics and warehousing. Translation services.

DESTINATIONS Here you will find specific information about China’s cities and provinces, with maps, economics statistics (including GDP, exports, imports, cars, PCs, etc.), major hotels with rates, websites; restaurants, bars; hospitals; climate data. These are the areas covered: Anhui. Beijing. Chongqing. Fujian. Gansu. Guangdong. Guangxi. Guizhou. Hainan. Hebei. Heilongjiang. Henan. Hubei. Hunan. Inner Mongolia. Jiangsu. Jiangxi. Jilin. Liaoning. Ningxia. Qinghai. Shaanxi. Shandong. Shanghai. Shanxi. Sichuan. Tianjin. Tibet. Xinjiang. Yunnan. Zhejiang. Hong Kong. Macau.

EXPERT REPORTS Changing HR needs. Business leader shortage. China spreads steel fever. China’s base metal demand. Shipbuilding RD. China’s hot property market. China gobbles commodities. Effective sourcing. Exporting. Chinese soccer. OEM manufacturing. CEPA advantage. Private entrepreneur growth. Battle for China aviation.

FOREIGN INVESTMENT Big business in expos. Construction opportunities. Foreign investment in TV. Foreign publishers. Growth of education. Direct sales. Lumber. Luxury car market. Outsourcing to China. Benefits to Hong Kong.

CONSUMER TRENDS Branding China. Consumer loyalty. Making headway in FB. China’s booming tourism industry. Horseracing catches on Sport marketing.

FINANCE China’s stock market. MA in China. Private equity QFII explained. Rise of investment funds. Treasury management. Capital changes. Auto financing.