The procedure for obtaining and enforcing child support payments varies from state to state but every state has an agency to help obtain and enforce child support payments-this is an important, priority issue. A good first step would be to consult your local phone book and call the agency. Check under child support in the government section. If you have trouble finding which agency handles child support enforcement in your state, e-mail us again. The procedures can get bureaucratic some complain, but it is worth the time-if the situation gets complex you may need to hire a local attorney though in that case you should get an initial consultation free. Though it may have been some time since your divorce, that should not be a problem in most states. Make sure you have all your records and papers from the divorce accessible as you will likely need to have the divorce decree reviewed.

Usually, child support will terminate at the age of emancipation, which differs in each state. In most cases, the obligation to pay child support will end when the child is between the ages of 18-22 years.

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