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Building an Import/Export Business, 3rd Edition by Kenneth D. Weiss (Author)

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Foreign trade is a billion dollar business in the United States – and growing. This easy-to-follow guide to starting and building a successful import or export business is packed with invaluable insights and practical advice on tapping into the lucrative global markets. Covering all the bases, from start-up considerations and operational procedures to marketing techniques and trade agreements, this completely updated and expanded edition of Building an Import/Export Business provides essential details on:

  • Determining whether the import/export business is right for you – twenty key questions you should answer before diving in
  • Setting up your business – opening a bank account, establishing your office, obtaining financing, setting up an accounting system
  • Finding buyers – proven strategies to pinpoint your target market
  • Understanding money matters – methods of payment in international trade, export credit and credit insurance, foreign currency transactions
  • Handling documentation – commercial, banking, transportation, insurance, and government formalities documents
  • Taking advantage of trade pacts – GATT, WTO, NAFTA, FTAA

Book Description

“Essential reading for anyone concerned with importing and exporting.” -International Small Business Journal

Build your import /export business faster, stronger, and more profitably

Give your budding import/export business a big boost and keep it going strong with expert advice and proven solutions from one of the foremost authorities in the field. In Building an Import/Export Business, Third Edition, renowned entrepreneur, international trade consultant, and lecturer Kenneth Weiss brings you completely up-to-date guidance on every aspect of conceiving, launching, and operating a successful import/export business.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide is packed with the very latest information on government regulations, tax laws, customs requirements, and shipping procedures. What’s more, it features proven strategies for using the Internet to reduce costs, gain a marketing edge, establish sales and information resources, and develop a targeted customer base. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Choose a winning product line
  • Target a profitable market
  • Prepare a powerful business plan
  • Cope with rising security concerns
  • Make foreign currency transactions with confidence
  • Take advantage of GATT, WTO, NAFTA, and other trade pacts

About the Author

KENNETH D. WEISS is the owner of Plans and Solutions, a corporation that helps importers, exporters, and other firms with business planning, marketing, analysis, and contacts. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and has been an importer and exporter, lecturer on international trade, and consultant to numerous private firms and government organizations.