Recent progress in Cuban-US relations is bringing about opportunities for US businesses that had been out of reach for over fifty years. Cuba is ripe for development and expansion in commercial, real estate, tourism and many other industries.

World Law continuously works to provide an international presence in order to better serves it clients and customers worldwide. Currently, World Law’s team consists of eight highly-active attorneys in Havana, Cuba. This team’s comprehensive knowledge and expertise of changing Cuban laws and regulations can be a valuable asset for anyone interested in taking advantage of the possible opportunities in Cuba. The team can facilitate travel and meetings with government agencies. They can educate interested investors about particular markets and trends. And the World Law team can provide important services such as legal research, analysis and reviews of recent changes in US-Cuba legislation and policy. World Law’s team in Cuba can be a bridge for those entering into Cuba’s market.

Cuba’s economic development and progress towards a democratic society bring about particular issues with regards to property rights and restitution. World Law’s experience with the transition in Central and Eastern Europe and restitution claims is invaluable. This complex area of law involves expertise with investigative research and historians. We can assist in filing legitimate claims and losses and work to provide the proper documentation to the appropriate agencies. World Law’s extensive experience with these claims can help those rightful owners recover property and assets that were unlawfully confiscated.

World Law’s expansive resources and experience can help position you for a successful future in Cuba. We look forward to working with you!

Updates May 1, 2015:

Present foreign investment framework

Investment structures

Changes in the U.S. regulations

Industries impacted by the change

Independent Cuban and U.S. entrepreneurs