Effective legal services are vital for doing business in China and the United States.

WORLD Law Direct offers an experienced team of American and Chinese legal professionals in both China and the United States dedicated exclusively to China law matters. Our team has extensive in-country experience advising U.S., Chinese and European clients on investment, trade and commercial matters throughout China and the USA.

WORLD Law Direct helps foreign and Chinese businesses with:

  • investment policy consultation
  • feasibility evaluation of cooperative projects
  • credit and background research of partners
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • establishment of foreign investment enterprises
  • intellectual property protection (trademarks and patents)
  • negotiation of business and legal disputes
  • arbitration
  • receivables, debt collection and non-payment issues
  • litigation

WORLD Law Direct also advises international and Chinese companies on cross-border transactions, joint ventures, project finance, infrastructure development, company restructurings, bonds and government relations.

We organize our lawyers into teams required to meet each of our client’s needs. We have created a comprehensive legal service model that guarantees our clients efficient management of their matter.

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