Book Title:

Civil War: A Father’s Guide to Winning Child Custody (Paperback)
by Joseph E. Cordell (Author)

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Fathers Rights to Custody

“Frank truths about how lawyers and judges really behave, and what is likely to influence them… a 4-star resource.” – Fathers Rights to Custody

Product Description

This book gives you clear, easy-to-understand tips on how to achieve the best results possible for your situation. It shows you how to fight to win.

Comprehensive chapters walk you through every step of the divorce process, with special attention to the custody battle. You’ll learn the meaning of legal terms, the process of divorce, how courts determine custody, and how to maximize your chances of victory at every stage.

About the Author

Joseph Cordell is founding partner and principal of the Cordell and Cordell law firm in St. Louis. The firm is the largest domestic relations firm of its kind in the Midwest. Cordell’s practice specializes in fathers facing divorce and custody litigation, and the firm has handled literally thousands of such cases. Mr. Cordell is a former host of the popular radio program “Listener’s Legal Line” and is a former chairman of the Family Law section of the National Lawyers Association. He is licensed in both Missouri and Illinois. Mr. Cordell’s is also founder of, the premiere Internet resource for fathers facing divorce and or custody litigation.